the Art by Hermann Galvez

Hermann is a Toronto based artist : ph 1-647-780-1799  ON Canada

Sculptor and Painter


I'm always aiming at confronting the viewer with other people through my artwork, whether by sculpting or painting; pushing them to become aware of the presence of the human character in such a way that it would not required to be explained or theorized intrinsically. In my work I seek to unveil the human soul of each face: The internal reality behind the facade; inviting in a uneasy and disturbing, yet convincing manner in acquaintance with that 'something' that makes us human; paradoxically generating an impulse, an emotion, a reaction between what is transcendental and mundane. The hope is to find infinite ties with common things among uncertain circumstances. No doubt my intention is other than to simply validate my artistic work by listing a number of exhibitions or by given names of a prestigious school. My work only reflects a personal achievement for more than two decades of continuous and arduous artistic labor. The Process: My artwork is begotten in conversations with 'the subject', which lead to an event in which the model is capable of incarnate its most influential stories. The result among the elements (materials, light, surroundings, mood, physical movement), mixed with the narrative are then woven with techniques of classical media in order to produce a new one, contemporary, of reconstruction of personal image of the narratives. Media: My attraction for art materials and their alchemy have played a definite role during these twenty -and more- years in my artistic transcendence; whether it is sculpture: I use clay, wax, plaster, resin, metals and patination ( painting over metal with acids and fire); on the other hand, over a substrate when I am painting in: Watercolor, acrylic, oil, ink, and pencil drawing; and last, but no least, yet the most fascinating of them all for me: Encaustic! "Encaustic" is painting with bee wax and pigments, which is present in almost all of my latest works. Hermann  



Thank you for taking the time to see my work